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How to sell your property in Marbella with the help of a Real Estate company.

Posted by Marbella Propiedades on 10/05/2019

How to sell your property in less than 6 months

Making the decision to sell your property is not easy, but once it is taken, it is best to get down to work and start offering it.  If you are one of the people who have already tried it, you will realize that it is not easy to find the ideal client who wants to buy your property.

And that’s when you ask yourself what else you should do, the portals offer an overflowing offer where your property is easily lost until the last positions are practically invisible in the eyes of potential buyers, so it’s time to ask for the help of a professional in the topic.

What can a real estate company offer you to sell your property in Marbella faster? We give you the keys to what a professional real estate company can do for you:

How to sell your property

1.- Do a market study.

Dedicate exclusive time to your property, the area, other properties with which you will compete, the benefits and weak points of the property to sell and if necessary you can advise the range of starting prices and details to improve for attract potential buyers.

In case the property is a lot or land to invest, the market study will also include calculations on the economic benefits to present to the potential investor.

2.- Prepare a Marketing Plan outside and inside the network.

Once the market study is done, the professional agent will elaborate a marketing plan that includes all those actions that will be used to promote your property, choosing means and selecting the ideal market niche to which it is addressed.

3.- Make a dossier of photos of the house and video.

He will make a portfolio of photos and videos of the property using the equipment and techniques of professional photography to gain greater visibility and attractiveness in the property.

4.- Hiring of Real Estate Portals and advertising spaces.

It will be responsible for contracting spaces to upload the property to the most effective portals both nationally and internationally, as well as other promotion platforms inside and outside the network.

5.- Management of calls and contacts.

Attend and filter all calls and contacts received to select only potential customers, avoiding unnecessary visits and waste of time impacting the speed of the sale of the property.

6.- Home Staging

Recommendation to carry out a home staging, this is to prepare your house for sale, to receive visits and that you can imagine living in it, it can include only small recommendations and repairs or as a global project for the decoration of the property and tuning.

7.- Organize an Open House.

When the previous work is completed correctly it will be time to propose an Open House, this is an open day, where the property and the agency are prepared to receive visits from potential buyers and other real estate agencies interested in collaborating in the sale of the property.

8.- Sales techniques

It is not just about visiting a property, but knowing how to display it, doing it in the most pleasant and professional way possible, providing the client with the necessary means to make him feel safe and comfortable in such an important economic operation.

9.- Drafting contracts

You have the client interested but there may be various situations in between, such as another sale, inheritance, mortgages, payments on account, etc., any similar situation will lead to drafting specialized contracts to ensure that the sale is carried out safely for all parts

10.- Legal and accounting advice.

Facilitate throughout the operation the information and advice necessary in legal and accounting issues such as tax payments, licenses, simple notes, deeds, certificates, money laundering control, etc. all those details of utmost importance that the law imposes.

I have shown you the most important points carried out by an estate agent, but there were still more details to be completed, since a real work of sale is a constant work, speed and updating in the different media and opportunities that the current market offers us .

Do you need help to sell your property? Get in touch with us, we are here to help you. Contact us

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