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Lawyer Mr. Rafael Duarte Martínez, specialist in Urban Planning and Public Law; with more than twenty years providing advisory services and management in the most diverse issues that includes urban planning.
Absolute domain of urban planning, especially in the geographical environment of the Costa del Sol.

Urban Planning Lawyers in Marbella

We provide legal advice in relation to General, Partial and Special Plans of the Town Halls and we assume the legal defense of our clients in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures in all areas related to Urban Planning and Public Law in general.

To make an appointment press here or send an email to urbanismolegal@marbellapropiedades.com or if you prefer you can call us at 951 968 355, we will be happy to assist you and make an appointment with you.

Other practice areas

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Among the legal procedures that we carry out are:

  • Consultations on urban conditions of land and buildings: classification and qualification, current planning, discipline records.
  • Drafting of Urban Due Diligence.
  • Preparation of Opinions, Reports or Notes.
  • Management of planning licenses: works, first occupation, subdivisions.
  • Records of urban discipline: replacement and sanctioned.
  • Preparation and processing of urban plans.
  • Allegations in the process of public information.
  • Preparation and processing of Special Plans and Action Projects in non-developable land.
  • Urban management: Compensation Boards, reparcelling projects, cooperation system.
  • Management of the rustic land and buildings: declaration of assimilated to the regime of outside ordination.
  • Urban licensing records.
  • First occupation licenses for old works.
  • Soil Classification and Soil Qualification: identification.
  • Urban discipline: restoration and sanctions.
    Legal Directorate of appeals against General Plans of Urban Planning and development instruments: Special Plan of Interior Reform (PERI), Partial Plan (PP), Plan of Urban Action (PAU).
  • Ruin records of buildings and buildings.

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