Lawyer Expropriations

Advice and intervention in expropriation files


In the forced expropriation, the expropriated is entitled to the prior payment of compensation equivalent to the value of the expropriated property in which case it is necessary to make an intervention for the benefit of the interested party, at least to obtain sufficient compensation from the legal point of view of the property affected.

As specialists in urban matters, we intervene in the corresponding file in order to obtain the highest justification of the property expropriated, or if necessary, challenging the expropriation projects that are affected by nullity.

Among the procedures we carry out are:

  • Intervention in the expropriation file, justification phase, declaration of need for infringement of laws processed by public administrations (waters, coasts, traffic, hunting, fishing, etc.)
  • Administrative demarcations, delimitation files of public properties (coasts, livestock trails, waters, etc.)
  • Intervention in the processing of the separate valuation piece.
  • Formulation of appreciation sheets.
  • Revaluation and reversion requests.
  • Study of the need for occupation and declaration of public utility.
  • Procedure before the Commission of Valuations of Forced Expropriation.
  • Processing of payment of the fair price and late payment interest.
  • Claims by de facto.

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